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Creative. Bold. Inspired by the proud Spanish tradition of handcrafted beauty, UNOde50 remains true to its heritage, while continuing to push fashion jewelry in inspiring new directions.

UNOde50 was formed in the late 1990’s by a group of Spanish designers seeking to break new ground in fashion jewelry. Their dream was to create a handcrafted collection of pieces that would forever feel fresh and unexpected; and that would open new doors and unlock exciting new fashion ideas.


They limited each new design to just 50 pieces (hence the name). After 50, they’d move on to create something entirely different. By setting this limit, they were able to guarantee handcrafted quality, while also continuously pushing new design innovations. This commitment inspired the company’s now famous “padlock” symbol.

Though Unode50 has grown exponentially, the padlock serves as an ongoing reminder that craftsmanship and innovation must never be compromised. Today, each Unode50 piece is still thoughtfully inspired, sketched out on paper, casted and fine-tuned by master artisans.