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Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott founded her company in 2002 just three months after giving birth to her first son. She started with nothing but $500, a tea box full of handmade designs, and an endless supply of passion and personality. In those days, Kendra would waltz right into the fashionable boutiques of Austin, Texas and dazzle them with her infectious energy and exquisite creations. Today, those humble beginnings have led to a multi-million dollar fashion empire that still maintains every bit of the fiery and forward-thinking attitude that started it all.

As a mother and philanthropist, Kendra instills her personal values into the company’s vision. She has long believed, “the truest form of success is to give back in a meaningful way.” With this in mind, she founded the Kendra Gives Back program, a way of supporting the charities and causes that matter to her customers. Whether it’s a national charity, a hometown crisis, or simply a friend in need, Kendra Gives Back has raised millions to help people across America do good things for those in need.