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Bourbon and Boweties

Bourbon & Boweties is a success story that’s quite literally wrapped around a red Solo cup. Here’s how the tale goes. Carley Ochs, the company’s founder and creative guru, made her first bangles by wrapping wire around the iconic party cup and adding a few striking stones she’d brought back from China.

Her family and friends loved them so much that they urged Carley to take her pieces down to a local jewelry store in Charleston, South Carolina. Three months later, Carley was taking orders from 45 different stores in the area. Her bangles were a hit and things have just gotten bigger and better since.

Today, Bourbon & Boweties bangles are found on the arms of chart-topping musicians and Hollywood superstars. Despite the huge success, Carley insists that each bangle still be made by hand and adorned with gorgeous stones she hand selects herself.

There’s no big manufacturing facility here. This is a jewelry line that promises to forever be “Made by Proud Southern Hands.”