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KREATIONS is a place where individual beauty is encouraged, nurtured, and quite often discovered. Think of our store as a symbol of fashion empowerment, where you’re free to be yourself, experiment with the unexpected, and confidently play with all sorts of expressive looks and evocative statements.

We bring the world’s top fashion jewelry brands together under one roof, so that you might be inspired to mix, match and mingle in ways that just aren’t possible when you’re handcuffed to a limited selection of styles.

We simply don’t believe that your personality, or anyone else’s, should be confined by limitations. Maybe you’ve already pinned down your look? Maybe you’re thinking about reinventing yourself. Or, maybe right now everything is entirely up in the air and you’re hoping for that divine spark of inspiration? Whatever the situation, we’re here with a selection guaranteed to get you through both the milestones and missteps of life – always in your own captivating style.

In fact, we’re so passionate about it that we’ve gone viral with #MyKreations – a kind of fashion revolution that focuses on the greatest beauty of all – being yourself. Check it out on all the social media sites and don’t be afraid to get in on the fun. Following #MyKreations allows you to experience exciting and eclectic fashion statements being created by others, and share some of your own KREATIONS, too. Even better, you’ll be among the first to hear about special events, amazing sales, and exciting new design releases.

At KREATIONS, we’re doing our best to re-invent the concept of fashion jewelry. Our first store in Pembroke Lakes Mall is a shining example of what’s possible when you forget the old formulas and embrace free-spirited individuality. We promise that the only thing we’ll ever push you to do is to be true to yourself. So pop in sometime. Unchain your creative spirit. Let your fashion sense flow. Feel the freedom and empowerment that comes with being your own woman and loving every minute of it.

Remember, fashion is a reflection of you. Not the other way around. Be yourself and you’ll always be beautiful. We hope to see you soon.